Benny in Florida Southern College's production of Rent

   As the sell-out Benny, Jonathon Timpanelli is a startling presence,  strongly commanding the stage. His Benny is so strong that I  thought for a moment they might want to retitle the show "Benny!"  His singing is also in top form, as showcased in an extra-robust  version of "You'll See." - Peter Nason ​

   Norman Bulansky in Florida Southern College's production of The Boys Next Door

   "Freshmen Jonathon Timpanelli and Mister Fitzgerald found and    presented a wonderful depth in their roles of Norman and Lucien. For  such young actors, they were able to convey the vulnerabilities and  the handicaps of these two men  with a sense of understanding that  seemed far beyond their years...I highly recommend this opportunity  to see a wonderful piece in “The Boys Next Door”  done very  respectably by a young college cast." - Tammy Serebrin TIMEOUT:  Central Florida Entertainment Guide